That Fit Life

I’m super excited to introduce my new 12 week fitness program, That Fit Life! If you’ve been wanting someone to help you “get off the couch, off the scale, and out the door”, then this is the program for you.

That Fit Life is designed for sedentary women who want to be physically active but they want or need a coach to give them a plan and follow them along the way providing support and accountability.

This program can be done by anyone, anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet.

This program includes the following:

  • Fitness assessment (including a walk test) with results reviewed with you by Kurt Dallow, MD FACSM
  • 12 week fitness program customized to your current level of fitness
  • 12 week strength-training program, customized to your current level of strength and ability to do strength training
  • One hour phone call with Kurt Dallow, MD FACSM to review program with you and answer questions
  • Premium Training Peaks account where you will be able to see your fitness program one week in advance throughout the 12 weeks. You will be able to record how much of that day's workout you were able to complete each day, as well as make comments that both Drs. Cindy and Kurt Dallow will see and respond to.
  • Weekly behavioral and psychological tips on motivation, planning for setbacks, the process of change, how to enlist support, and overcoming barriers to an active lifestyle
  • Nutritional guidance with optional food logging
  • Frequent dialogue with Drs. Cindy and Kurt Dallow to help you stay on track
  • Private Facebook group with other women in the program
  • Ability to tailor this program to meet your needs

That Fit Life is your chance to create your own active lifestyle with guidance from two experts in the field of exercise and nutrition: Kurt Dallow, MD FACSM and Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD

Schedule a 15 min chat with me to find out more information!