Cindy Dallow PhD, RD.

Are you tired of feeling tired? Do you want to get off the scale, off the couch, and out the door!


We help women in mid-life become stronger, fitter, and healthier with sensible nutrition and sustainable exercise.


Women in Motion

Our signature nutrition and fitness program for women over 50 that has proven results!


Contrary to popular belief, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and fitness

Everybody is unique. Every body is unique.

That’s why our programs are tailored to YOU: the foods you love and workouts that feel right for YOUR body.

When you work with us, you won’t be getting a diet or boring exercise plan. In fact, diets and one-size-fits-all exercise plans don’t work.

Instead, you’ll get individualized help with nutrition and eating-related issues; workout recommendations based on your abilities, preferences and goals; and judgement-free support and accountability along the way.

Let’s change the way you eat, to live a healthier, longer life in a body that’s strong and full of energy!


What our clients say about working with us:

In all of the years that I have participated in various fitness and nutrition programs, Cindy Dallow’s nutrition and fitness program is the only one that has served me well and for the long haul. No gimmicks! She is not about dieting, nor is she about losing weight. She is about teaching others to be healthy. She taught me how to eat healthily; she taught me important nutrition facts and how and where to find them. She didn’t just teach me the importance of fitness, but she empowered me by giving me the tools that I needed to acquire it. It was because of those tools that I was able to race in the Bolder Boulder and I continue to participate in other 5Ks. It was because of those tools that I continue to make walking a priority–it’s part of my daily routine. Thanks Cindy Dallow for My Body, My Life, Nutrition and Fitness.

“Kurt and Cindy have been so flexible with my ever-changing time commitments. My swimming ability went from nothing to 750 yds in a span of 2 months all thanks to Kurt’s instruction. I came to Kurt with knee injuries and he made sure my running workouts allowed me to complete the sprint tri without making my knees worse. He makes sure I get the medical attention I need so I can enjoy the triathlon I’m working on.”

Cindy and Kurt were amazing! We worked together for four months. Kurt made sure we had weekly check-ins and he adjusted my workouts when I had pain or just too tired. Cindy made sure I was confident in my nutrition and that it worked for me. I didn’t hurt at all after my race, and I attribute that to the amazing training and nutrition plan I received from these two awesome coaches.


“I had a great experience with Cindy and her husband, Kurt. I attended their open water swim clinic in Longmont. They are a wealth of information and Cindy is so patient with us beginners. Thanks for everything!”