A Real Weight Loss Success Story

Two days ago I posted a blog article about a man who lost 150 lbs using an app called Lose It. I don’t think this is a real success story because he ended up binge-eating on food because he restricted himself so much (aka dieting).

Today, I am sharing a story of a woman who lost 185 lbs the “right” way (if there is such a thing): she made minor changes to her diet and increased her activity level. That’s right, she did NOT go on a diet but merely changed the type of foods she consumed and exercised consistently.

“I maintained a healthy diet, limiting my carbs and increasing my protein and kept a strict exercise regimen,” Pearson states in the article. No set calorie level, just reducing her carb intake and eating more protein. Sounds reasonable to me.

The activity part, however, was pretty intense. She incorporated strength training, boxing, cardio, and outdoor exercises into her lifestyle and kept it up. However, she started with just walking and then gradually added the other types of exercise. The key to her success is consistency and if she wants to maintain the weight loss, and I’m sure she does, then she will need to continue exercising for the rest of her life. Research shows that regular exercise is the #1 predictor for maintaining a weight loss.

But that’s not a bad thing, right? Regular exercise has so many other health benefits. Things like better sleep, less depression, reduced risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and the list goes on and on. If it’s a level of activity that she can reasonably maintain, then more power to her!

The other smart thing she did was address the emotional eating she was doing. I wish the article gave more specifics about how she did that but it probably played a big role in her success. Again. she didn’t follow some crazy weight loss diet or take any pills, she simply changed her lifestyle.

I am NOT a fan of dieting in any way, shape, or form. But I do encourage people to make small, gradual changes to their diet – changes that they can maintain – if they need to make them – and let the weight fall wherever it naturally falls. That’s what Pearson did and to me, that’s a REAL success story.

About the Author: Cindy Dallow