Easy Peasy Bean Soup

A lot of people are using prepared meals these days because they are supposedly easier than cooking from scratch. But after making Toni’s 10 Bean Soup from the Women’s Bean Project yesterday, I was scratching my head as to why people think cooking takes so long. Anyway, here’s my A+ recommendation for this kind of soup!

To make this soup, look for it in your local grocery store. I found this one at King Sooper’s here in Greeley, CO.

Just follow the super easy directions on the package: rinse beans and put them in a pot with water (to cover) with some chopped garlic and soak for 8 hours. Then drain the water and rinse the beans again. I put them in a Dutch oven on the stove and covered them with chicken broth and cooked on medium-low for 2 hours (while I did other stuff).

Then, add a 28 oz can of chopped tomatoes, chopped yellow and orange pepper (my choice) and let cook for another 45 minutes.

This is one of those recipes that you can start it in the morning, check on it a few times a day, and wa-la, it’s ready for dinner. Actual hands on time is less than 10 minutes!

The end result was fantastic! Even my picky 15 yr old daughter loved it.

You can add a dollop of sour cream or handful of shredded cheese if you want.  Lots of good quality carbs, fiber, and protein. All for a very low price and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping women break the cycle of unemployment and poverty. Now that’s what I call a win-win!


About the Author: Cindy Dallow