Life is too short for carrot sticks, right?

Let’s stop the dieting nonsense and feed your body AND soul with good food and good vibes.

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Eat Well Be Well

  • Your own personal dietitian (that’s me!) who creates a customized nutrition plan that works for you and your family
  • A 60 minute phone or video chat to review your nutrition plan and get all of your questions answered
  • Weekly meal plans with healthy, delicious recipes and grocery lists that are customized to your food likes/dislikes and optimized to prevent food waste.
  • Access to a database of 4000+ dietitian-curated recipes
  • Online food logging with weekly feedback and guidance from me
  • Unlimited instant messaging and email support as well as regular phone calls and/or video chats to review your progress and answer questions
  • Weekly emails with guidance on food prep, shopping, cooking, and meal planning

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What some of my clients have said:

“In all of the years that I have participated in various fitness and nutrition programs, Cindy Dallow’s nutrition and fitness program is the only one that has served me well and for the long haul. No gimmicks! She is not about dieting nor is she about loosing weight. She is about teaching others to be healthy. She taught me how to eat healthy; she taught me important nutrition facts and how and where to find them. She didn’t just teach me the importance of fitness but she empowered me by giving me the tools that I need to acquire it. It was because of those tools that i continue to make walking a priority – it’s part of my daily routine. Thanks Cindy Dallow for My body, My life, Nutrition and Fitness.”

“Cindy has a very gentle approach to nutrition. Working with her I have learned to practice listening to my body’s nutritional needs. By quieting my thoughts and slowing down, I am now able to allow my body to guide me toward food choices that fuel my vitality and optional fitness. No foods are off limits. There are no rules. I have learned to simply check in with myself and my thoughts. I ask myself, “What am I really craving?” From there I choose something that I want and something that my body needs. Maintaining this balance and loving approach to my food choices I know that I am on the right nutritional path. Thank you Cindy!”

Cindy helped me embrace a wholistic approach to food. I am used to counting calories and with Cindy’s outlook on food I am able to enjoy delicious and nutritious food that really power my workouts.”


I knew that in order to reach a new level I needed to take a good look at my nutrition. I worked with Cindy and she helped me understand that food is fuel, that carbs are my friend, and that I need to take care of my body if I want to reach the goals I have set for myself