Triathlon Nutrition

Don’t let your training go down the drain on race day because of what you ate or didn’t eat!

Are you training for a running race or triathlon? Let me create a nutrition plan that fits your needs, lifestyle, and training plan!

What you’ll get:

  • Daily calorie and macronutrient targets based on your specific needs and goals
  • Customized meal plans based on your training and work schedule that come with recipes, shopping lists, and prep guides
  • A race nutrition plan
  • Unlimited contact via instant messaging, email, and pre-planned phone calls
  • Online food logging with frequent feedback from me re your meals and snacks using an online journal that allows you to:

✔ Log your food & beverage choices, workouts, and health markers with ease (and receive daily feedback from me)

✔ Share photos of meals, nutrition labels & other nutrition-related info you encounter during your day

✔ Use secure video chat to “meet” with me to answer questions and discuss your progress

✔ Share victories, get encouragement & receive tailored nutrition documents and health information.

We will work closely together for 8 weeks to get your nutrition dialed in and get you across that finish line!

Perfect for busy runners and triathletes!

$599 for 8 weeks with the option of continuing for $99/month after the first 8 weeks, which includes food logging and review by me, and unlimited email/messaging – great for accountability and staying on track!

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What some of Cindy’s athletes have said:

Although I swam and ran for many years, I had problems with recovery when I started training for endurance events. Cindy’s counseling helped me get more out of my training and go further than I ever thought possible, including 5-hour long mountain bike races. I was pleasantly surprised to find how some simple diet changes could make such a big difference.” 


“I got great feedback from Cindy on each meal. I have tons of energy and have increased my performance in swimming, biking and running. I would highly recommend working with her to get your nutrition on track. It worked for me!!” 


” I knew that in order to reach a new level I needed to take a good look at my nutrition – it was not about eating well (or better) it was looking at food as my fuel to push my body to where I wanted to go. I worked with Cindy for 1 month and during this time Cindy took time every day to look at the meals I was logging in. She complemented and made recommendations on how to ensure I was eating everything I needed. She also took a close look at my workout schedule. This made a huge impact as I started also to realize what I needed to eat in order to be able to execute my workouts well. On occasion she would remind me that if I wanted to have a good swim at my masters (early mornings) I needed to have dinner. A simple shake would not be sufficient. Cindy helped me understand that food is fuel, that carbs are my friend and that I need to take care of my body if I want to reach the goals I have set myself.” 

Stephanie B

“Cindy completely revamped my approach which helped me fuel both low and high intensity workouts correctly, which has made a huge difference in not only my ability to complete the workout but how I feel before, during, and after training. Cindy is my ultimate triathlon mom – she helps me think through how to shift my training to match my commitments and helps me adjust when life happens. Cindy offers her athletes years of wisdom in not only triathlon but targeted nutrition strategies. She has helped me celebrate both small and large wins which has been incredibly motivating…because of this and all her support over the last year, I successfully completed Chattanooga 70.3. I highly recommend Cindy to all athletes, whether experienced or new to the sportl” 


“I started working with Cindy during my training for HIM St George (70.3) purely because I was training hard but constantly hungry and fatigued, sometimes bailing on my workouts because I had no energy. I had never worked with a nutritionist before and was nervous. I was training hard and trying to lose a few stubborn pounds. I genuinely thought I was eating too much. I didn’t realize I was cutting my calories too severely and ruining my performance at the same time. It was a lot for me to put myself out there and have someone look at what I ate. I was reassured during our first chat as I realised Cindy does not judge or criticise. It turned out I wasn’t eating nearly enough for my ultimate goal, and during hard training I was actively encouraged to eat much more than I had previously….those were happy months! My training improved as did my mood and focus, Cindy kept in touch regularly and answered all of my questions and supported me when I needed it. Cindy provided nutrition guidelines for my daily living and also race day, talking through the plans in advance to make sure I was confident and understood how to eat well for optimum performance. After St George HIM, I decided to keep working with Cindy during the off-season to lose a little excess weight whilst I wasn’t training so intensely. Cindy reevaluated my diet and nutritional needs and created an affordable and easy-to-follow plan. After a few months, I am eating better without even thinking about it as I have learned to make healthier choices. I still have treats as Cindy doesn’t like to deny any foods; instead I have learned to identify why I want those foods and enjoy them when I do eat them. I have lost body fat whilst maintaining muscle and I can perform during my training sessions and short distance triathlons. I have learned a lot about nutrition working with Cindy, she has made eating very simple and enjoyable again!”