24 Week VIP Nutrition Package



Want to work one-on-one with an experienced dietitian for thirty-two weeks? You’ve come to the right place!

By investing in the 24 Week VIP Nutrition Package, you will get:

  • A completely customized nutrition plan that will fit your schedule, food likes/dislikes, budget, and goals
  • Guidance on behavioral issues related to food, eating, and physical activity
  • Help with negative body image and if appropriate, emotional eating
  • Implementation of “health at every size” principles and body-positive encouragement
  • Unlimited dialogue with Cindy via email, instant messaging, and pre-planned phone calls
  • 32 weeks of completely customized meal plans that come with grocery lists, simple recipes, food prep guide, and access to 4000 dietitian-curated recipes. No more stressing over what to eat for dinner – it will all be planned for you!

24 Week Nutrition Package – $899.

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