Want to work one-on-one with an experienced dietitian for eight weeks? You’ve come to the right place!

By investing in the 8 Week VIP Nutrition Package, you will get:

  • A completely customized nutrition plan that will fit your schedule, food likes/dislikes, budget, and goals
  • Guidance on behavioral issues related to food, eating, and physical activity
  • Help with negative body image and if appropriate, emotional eating
  • Implementation of “health at every size” principles and body-positive encouragement
  • Unlimited dialogue with Cindy via email, instant messaging, and pre-planned phone calls
  • 8 weeks of completely customized meal plans that come with grocery lists, simple recipes, food prep guide, and access to 4000 dietitian-curated recipes. No more stressing over what to eat for dinner – it will all be planned for you!

8 Week Nutrition Package – $399.

Payment plan available, just contact me here.

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“Food and diet have always been a struggle for me. After hearing a podcast on intuitive eating, I decided to give this approach a try.  Giving up a lifetime of diet mentality was incredibly difficult, but Cindy coached me through the process with compassion and dignity. If you’re looking to end your obsession with food, consider working with Cindy. I’m so happy I did.” Stephanie, one of Cindy’s clients